the Toilet Seat that turns your toilet into a ShowerToilet

Enjoy this refreshing personal hygiene, over and over again!

Since 2016 in Portugal

Innovation Award - Honorable mention: Tektónica 2017 FIL Lisbon

500 Units per day

Manufactured in a high-tech factory in South Korea

German engineering

On the German market since 2001, several times winner of the best value for money award

Swiss invention!

Became the standard in Japan

The ShowerToilet was invented by the Swiss Hans Maurer (1918-2013), his vision was to create a toilet that would make it possible to automatically wash and dry our intimate zone.

Hans Maurer applied for a patent for his invention and marketed the product as from 1957 under the name Closomat. In this Swiss invention, all the technology was "hidden" in a large ceramic toilet, which was also reflected in the prices charged.

The big breakthrough came when the Japanese company TOTO removed the technology from the ceramics and placed it in the toilet seat in 1980. This made the price 5 times cheaper, they were universal and the customer did not have to buy a new toilet.

Since 1980, the company TOTO, considered as the 'Emperor of the Washlets', has sold more than 50 million ShowerToilets to hotels, restaurants and offices, and 90% of Japanese homes have a 'Toto'-type of toilet.

The Japanese are known for their meticulous standards of personal hygiene, which are reflected in the most diverse everyday routines: they do not shake hands but greet each other with a deep and dignified bow at a distance, shoes are taken off at the front door, taxis have a partition between the passenger and the driver. And all this, which is now considered "Japanese culture", has its origins in a pandemic in the year 737.

Universal solution

After the Swiss invention was simplified and perfected in Asia, there is now a universal range of solutions on the market.

In 95% of existing toilets, the length of the ceramics is sufficient to fit a ShowerToilet seat.

The process is simple: the existing toilet Seat is replaced by a ShowerToilet Seat.

Our products are supplied with the mounting material, up to and including the T-piece for the water connection. You do not need to replace your existing toilet or break walls and tiles. Within an hour you will have the luxury of a ShowerToilet at your disposal.

Are you looking for a perfect aesthetic combination because you are going to renovate your bathroom or build a new house anyway? Our products are easy to combine with various existing models of common brands such as Sanitana, Roca, Sanindusa, Ctesi, Cifial, Grohe, Sensea, Geberit and Valadares.

Do you prefer an integrated solution in which all technology is hidden in the ceramics? We can also supply you with those solutions, either hanging or traditionally on the floor. Would you like to receive our brochure for more information about our offer?

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Who are our customers?

Our customers?

We can divide our clients into two groups:

The first group has been in Japan, on holiday or for business over the last 30 years.

During a stay in Japan it is impossible to "escape" from a toilet equipped with a Shower Nozzle function, they can be found in all kinds of places, at home (about 90% of the population has a so-called Washlet in their home), in hotels, restaurants and even public toilets.

After experiencing this refreshing and easy way of personal hygienic care, they don't want anything else, and so they become our customers!

The second group, has watched our advertising on Facebook over the past months and after a thorough analysis or after a free demonstration or even a 14-days free of charge test, has come to the conclusion that this is what they were looking for!

This group has one thing in common, they know how important personal hygiene is for their daily well-being. And that doesn't necessarily mean that there are physical complaints, but if the free movement of the hands, arms and back is impaired, then this really is the solution. The ShowerToilet Seats are a huge asset to the quality of everyday life for people who suffer from incontinence problems, symptoms of haemorrhoids or other gastrointestinal disorders.

If you are in the 2nd group and would like to test our product before buying, this is certainly possible!

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some of the comments on facebook & google

Desde que experimentei uma sanita bidé no Japão não quero outra coisa! Óptimo material, fiquei tão satisfeito com a que comprei para mim que já ofereci uma aos meus pais também. 5 estrelas!
Zé Pinto Ferreira
Eu ja a tenho a mais de 20 anos ,ainda a comprei em escudos foi 60.000 escudos ou seja 60 contos . Estou muito contente nunca avariou é muito prático
Luisa Português

E muito bom eu tenho

Teresa Simões Almeida

Ever thought about environmental impact?

Two types of wood fibres are needed to make toilet paper: fast-growing eucalyptus to provide a soft fibre for our sensitive skin and slow-growing pine with strong fibres to make the paper more resistant. This means cutting down forests, trees that are really necessary for the absorption of CO2 and essential for combating climate change.

On average, the production of each roll of toilet paper requires about 125 litres of water!

With 2 rolls per week, the average annual consumption per person is 104 rolls of toilet paper. This means that each of us (indirectly) uses 35 litres of water per day in the production of toilet paper.

Moreover, this voluminous material is transported by hundreds of trucks that emit a wide variety of pollutants into the environment.

At the end of this polluting chain, we have the impact of toilet paper on our waste water treatment. And leaving aside the risk of drain pipe clogging in our own home, it gets even worse when we talk about the wet wipes that are a real nightmare for wastewater treatment systems!

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What else do you get besides perfect intimate hygiene?

The three main functions


Universal, cleaning of our butt with water pressure adjustable to 5 levels.

Bidet - Lady Shower

The nozzle comes further forward. The pressure is also adjustable here, but will always be softer than in the universal Cleansing position.

Hot air dryer

After washing, you can choose between drying with a towel or with the built-in hot air dryer.

Temperature control


The water temperature is adjustable on 4 levels: 30ºC, 34ºC, 38ºC or off = ambient temperature.


Heated seat, temperature is adjustable on 4 levels, winter: 30ºC, 34ºC, 38ºC or off in summer.

Hot air

The built-in hot air dryer can be set to 5 different levels. If you prefer, you can also use a towel.

Safety first

ELB integrated

 integrated ELB (electrical leakage blocker)

It blocks any electrical discharge for your safety.

Seat sensor

The nozzle only operates when the user sits on the seat, this prevents the spray from being accidentally activated when cleaning the toilet or by young children.

Automatic nozzle cleaning

In addition to automatic nozzle cleaning before and after each use, you can choose to manually clean the nozzle at your preferred frequency.

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Would you like to:

  • Improve your personal hygiene?
  • Contribute to the protection of the environment?
  • Remove your bidet in order to have more space in your bathroom?
  • Know if our ShowerToilet seat fits your current toilet?
  1. Prevent toilet paper from clogging your drains?
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some of the comments on facebook & google

Comprei em Maio de 2017 uma sanita bidé, com a qual estou muito satisfeita, para mim não podia ser melhor devido às minhas limitações. Se fosse hoje tinha comprado com secador incluído. Recomendo a todas as pessoas. Atendimento e serviços 5 estrelas. Obrigado.
Candida Dias
Já tenho a minha e estou muito satisfeita: é de fácil utilização e extremamente útil. Foi feita a demonstração e no próprio dia ficou instalada! O atendimento foi gentil e muito esclarecedor. Divulgo e recomendo a todos os que pensam adquirir. Muito obrigada pela inovação!
Fernanda Reis
Agradeço em especial toda a disponibilidade, confiança e celeridade manifestada no processo de aquisição, o que permitiu corresponder em curto espaço de tempo à necessidade existente. Recomendo sem reservas e, mais uma vez, o meu agradecimento pelo serviço prestado.
Jorge Félix

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